No sound on my P20 Lite when recording

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Is there any way to get sound when you record the screen and the internal sound on a P20 lite?

While the recording is excellent but I cannot hear any sound while playing a game.

The recording has sound and is perfectly fine.

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Hey Morcar,

Welcome on the community. Just to clarify: you don't have any sound while playing a game, but you do have sound when you make a recording of the screen? Or is it the other way around?

Could you please try to reset your device? You can find a how to on this page.

Please keep us updated in this thread!
If i don't record then I get sound but if I record the screen then I have no sound.

If I view the recording I just made then it does have sound
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Hey Morcar,

Thank you for the swift reply! Please let us know if a reset solved your issue. 🙂
No I tried resetting a few times and it does not solve the issue
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Hi Morcar , have you tried to record a video or other scenes which have sounds, do they all have no sound like you recording a game?


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