P20 bluetooth no audio from incoming calls

  • 28 January 2019
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hi,just joined to try and fix my Bluetooth problem.
1) phone connects fine to my car stereo.
2) i can play music through the speakers of my car.
3) i can make call with no audio issues.
4) android auto is installed.

so my problem is that when anybody cals me i cannot hear them,and they cannot hear me,so i have to call them back....volume is turned up on my car radio.
other phones connect without any issue.

any help would be great THANK YOU FOR READING.

6 replies

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Hello @seamus, welcome to the community!

Have you tried doing a network settings reset on your phone? You might be experiencing issues related to the Bluetooth connection. A good way to sort them out is by resetting the network settings. You will find help here: https://uk.community.huawei.com/ask-a-question-faq-s-3/having-problems-with-your-device-try-to-reset-your-phone-1205

I hope this will help. If not, feel free to come back to us!
Thanks max for your reply,i have tried a network reset,but no use.
when i get a call and cant hear the caller, if i tap the blutooth on the bottom right of screen during the call and change it to headphones and then back again to my car stereo i can hear the caller through the speakers in the car.
i emailed huawei but got no response.
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Hi Seamus,

Can you please PM me the serial number of your device in that case, so I can look into this further?

You can find the serial number on Settings > About phone > Status or on the box of the device.

Looking forward to your reply!

Best wishes,
hi,i did the wipe cash partition,but it didnt work.
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Hi @seamus,

Sorry to see that the cache wipe didn't work. Did you send your details to Max? And has this issue been solved? 🙂
Thanks Amy for your reply,i sent my details to max,the issue still remains,no audio through car stereo from incoming calls only