p20 lite and a beer

  • 31 May 2019
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Hello to everyone.I bhought a p20 lite last week.And yesterday (before 12 hours)i spilled beer on phone.I have a glass protector and a case.I think that no beer has enetered the ports(but i m not sure).I havent turned off the phone,everything works fine for now.When i removed the case to clean the beer.The right side of the phone had beer and also a little on the camera.Also i have a full glas protector but is it possible for the beer to enter a little bit on the edge of the protector,and is it possible for the beer to enter the phone and cause oxidation and is my warranty now valid.Sorry for my terrible english and thank you for the answers in advance ! Have a good day or night !

1 reply

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Hi @kovabs and welcome to the forums!
If the beer has not entered physically through any ports or speaker grill, it should be fine, however be advised that inside the phone there are usually white spots which detect liquids, if it detects liquids it turns pink or a different colour which voids the manufacturers warranty. .

Given that your phone is fine so far, it is probable that no liquids got inside. The only way you will find out is when there is a defect under warranty and it needs to be repaired or replaced, that is when they will advise whether the warranty is valid or void.

Wish you the best!