P20 lite calls, low volume

P20 Lite calls voice very low-Can't hear anything on the earpiece, but loud and clear on the loudspeaker

performed a cache clearance, still problem persistant after a software upgrade

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Hey ajbioman,

Sorry to see that you are having these issues. Please try to reset you device. You can find a how to on this page.

Will you keep us updated?
Hi Amy,

I have exactly the same problem as ajbioman. Very low call volume on the earpiece during calls, can't hardly hear the other person. I think it started after an update.

I already did a factory reset and it didn't help either! Do you have a solution for the problem? Other than sending it in?
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Hey everybody experiencing this!

We're sorry to hear about the situation!

To reproduce this issue, we'd have to have some Serial and Build numbers of devices that this occurs on. Can you please send me a Private Message with #P20LiteCalls?

This would be a huge help in figuring out a solution for this!

Thank you!


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