P20 Lite turns off bluetooth when the screen is turned off

It's only for a second before it turns it back on again, but if i'm doing something like installing an app on my smartwatch (a samsung gear 3 frontier), it's a real pain in the you know where.

Whenever my screen turns off on my phone, it seems to turn bluetooth off for a second.

I can tell it's doing this, because my watch will vibrate to let me know it's lost bluetooth connection.

Is there any setting I can change (short of having the screen always on, which I don't want to do for battery life reasons), to stop this happening?

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I'm not sure as I don't have p20lite but my best guess is its power management.
It maybe something like persistent connection setting.
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@adem @muataz mohamed @Schminkerdoodle @Falloutkid, you all use a P20 Lite.. any experience or thoughts on this?


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