P20 Lite.... Waterproof 😲

I wouldn't recommend trying this, but handy to know, should it fall into the loo by accident !!!


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Funny you should say that, I've just dropped mine down the pan, it was in there for less than 5 seconds and there is definitely water ingress, particularly through the SIM holder slot. It's in the airing cupboard overnight now but it appears to have lost the fingerprint scanner and there was still water on the SIM and SD card after I blew a hairdryer down it for a few minutes. Looks like an insurance claim for my 8 day old phone, shame, I was really enjoying it...
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Hey @The LHC,

Sorry to see that you dropped your phone in the pan! Is it working okay now? If not... @Yummy just shared a topic on how to repair a water damaged phone. You can find it here. 🙂
Hi Amy, no, I left it in the airing cupboard for a few hours last night but it was still behaving oddly this morning, if I can't get it working correctly I'll take it back to Carphone Warehouse, I bought insurance with it, fingers crossed this is covered!
Been trying to dry it out at work, turned it on a little while ago but have no touchscreen control, so now I can't turn it off, is there any way I can force it to power off that doesn't involve the screen, I used power and volume up to get to the emui Bootscreen but that doesn't have any options that look like I can shut it down.
After initially looking like it was going to be ok the touchscreen stopped working again last night, so I took it back to the shop this morning and claimed on the insurance, just got to wait for the delivery now.
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Hey The LHC,

Sad! 😞 But happy to see that you've got insurance! Hopefully this won't happen again with your new device. 🙂


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