P20 pro audio not coming through headphones?

  • 26 July 2019
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My p20 pro has been working fine with the supplied headphones(wired) for serveral months. All of a sudden audio has stopped playing through them. Instead playing out the in built speaker... I've tried all the popular apps to see if it's a app problem- This isn't the case. I've reset the phone countless times, tried holding down the up button. On my holidays for another week and I can't relax and listen to anything though my headphones, or for that matter back up the device... I've cleaned the jack port (was clean anyway) now I'm at a loss. Please someone from Huawei get back to me... I've seen several threads online and tried all the fixes.

Any advice would be appreciated,

Thank you

8 replies

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Hey @Lcowdell,

Welcome on the community! Did you manage to fix this over the weekend? If not, have you tried different headphones? (you probably have).

If the troubleshoots in this thread don't help, please contact our supportteam directly as your device might need a more hands-on approach.
Hi @Amy I've tried the fixes on the attached thread and it has still not resolved the audio issue. I have tried other headphones with the USB-C to 3.5 jack- also not working. I can't believe this is happening... I was an iPhone customer for years and never had an issue with headphones... I feel let down by Huawei and the generic reset the phone type of advice is pretty lame. Please restore my faith in Huawei and gets some decent advice to me and others who have posted about this problem on your help forum.
I can't call the UK helpline as I'm out the country for another week and the written information on the support team link has no mention of the fault I'm raising. It almost seems like Huawei are trying to hide this fault... Surely I'm not the only person who has this issue. My phone is fully up to date with software so I'm facing at least another week without headphone use as I can't talk to support over the phone. Any diagnostic or individual help would be appreciated. I have attached a screenshot showing the headphones/headset icons that are permanently showing even when the headset is not plugged in...

@Amy if you are the only customer service rep for the UK I can see you have a tough job on your hands but I genuinely love my P20 but this has tainted how I feel about Huawei, hopefully I get some more refined info so I can troubleshoot and won't have to switch back to a competitor,


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Hi Luke,

I'm sorry that you feel let down. I'm not part of the support team, I'm the community manager / moderator for this community. This thread is flagged for our support team, but they still have a lot of outstanding questions so it might take a few days before they reply. You could try the live chat? 🙂
Live chat has advised factory reset. As I'm on holiday I can't back up my device so means the Res of the holiday without music... Sounds trivial but that's that. Also if the factory reset does not work I'll be phoneless for 8-10 days... Bit if a joke when I do not have any other means of communication... I'll challenge anyone to try and live 10 days without a phone in the day and age 🤯
I am having the exact same problem.

Ever since I did the most recent update, my earphones have pretty much refused to play my music, instead the music comes out of the main speaker. This is incredibly irritating as I have come to rely on listening to music on my long commute to work.

If I restart phone and amazon music etc occasionally I might get 5 seconds of music come through my earphones then it switches back to coming out through the main in built speaker.

Clearly this is quite a if problem for many people so can someone PLEASE resolve it.

P. S I have a P20 pro and it has been fine since purchasing last year.
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Hi @Kd1001,

Sorry to see that you are having the same issues. Please follow up on the advice from the support team and perform a reset. You can find a how to here.


Hope you had a great holiday... even without the music! 😞. Have you been able to try make a backup and reset in the meantime?