P20 Pro Bluetooth sound quality

  • 29 October 2018
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Hello, I use a number of Bluetooth devices when listening to podcasts, Iplayer, Netflix etc

I have noticed that after a period of time, the sound quality on the Bluetooth device, this could be my Bose QC2 headphones of a Bluetooth speaker, gets buzzy, the sounds almost rattles and vibrates on the Bluetooth device, like there is an issue with the quality of the stream. Only by cancelling the stream, restarting the app, and going again does the issue resolve itself, and only for a while.

This is pretty annoying and really does interrupt my listening/viewing with the device over Bluetooth.

Any idea please ?


4 replies

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Hi Anthony,

Welcome on the community. Sorry to read that you are having issues with your Bluetooth... I can see why this can be annoying!

Did you try to connect your Bluetooth headphones or speaker with another device? And are you on WiFi while this happens? I'm asking these questions because I'm wondering if it might occur due to a poor Wifi connection.

Let me know!
Hello, it happens on different Bluetooth devices connected to the P20 pro. It happens over varied apps. The common link here is that its the p20 pro. I have tried the Bluetooth devices on other hardware and the issue does not occur. It can happen over WiFi or 4g, but it occurs on both streaming and also locally held media on the phone, so does not seem to be dependent on where the media is being played from.

hello, is this as far as this topic goes, are these topics checked by Huawei tech people at all ?

I suppose I should contact Huawei direct and pursue this line of inquiry

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Hy Antonybaker,

If you can pm me with more details of the phone - IMEI - Build number, and also some details of the devices you have tested with , i will gladly take a look into this matter more closely and we can establish together what exactly seems to be happening.