P20 Pro - Lock Screen Swiping Images

Some time when I go to swipe to unlock my phone, I swipe it slightly wrong I guess and the background image gets changed. Very annoying. How do I lock my wallpaper and disable whatever that image swiping is?

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Not sure whether I understand properly the question. Your Huawei device comes with a feature called "Magazine", with new pictures downloaded from time to time. Each time you turn on/off the display, the screen lock will show one of the pictures in this "Magazine" gallery.

You can disable or set a single image by going to Settings>Home screen & wallpaper>Magazine unlock>Tap on the option to disable it

It's the LOCK screen... as mentioned, when I swipe to unlock, if I swipe left/right it changes the background image instead of unlocking it. Not sure what the point of that feature is, but, I don't want when trying to access my phone the LOCK screen image keeps getting changed to other things.

When I go to Settings>Home screen & wallpaper> there is no Magazine option.
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Which EMUI version are you on?
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Ah yeah alright I see what you mean. You can just swipe up when unlocking, that solves it. Otherwise:

Settings>Home screen & wallpaper>Magazine unlock>Magazine Unlock

Taken on my P20 Pro:

If you don't have these settings, maybe you need to enable Huawei Themes first

Ah yeah alright I see what you mean. You can just swipe up when unlocking, that solves it.

Ya... I get that, but what I'm saying is if you just want to swipe and unlock in a hurry and hit it at any angle other than straight up/down it scrolls the images. EVERY phone I have ever owned, I could swipe up, down, left, right...

As for Magazine... no way to disable that I can see. Plus, description in your screen shot says to display a new image on lock screen each time screen turned on, which isn't what the issue is. Image I choose is what appears every time I turn on the phone... I just need to disable the left/right image scroll.

I have Themes, but no options in there to disable, or even uninstall completely. I can't even pick no theme, have to pick at least one theme...

Overall the phone is good, but there are a few small things like this, that are just very poorly done.
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Once you tap on the option it disables Magazine unlock. Then you have a single static picture on screen lock, no pictures when swapping.

Cool... except as I have mentioned, this shows up no where on any screen on my phone. Even searching Magazine, brings up no results. I can't disable a non-existent option.
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Oh I see... You mention your software variant is C792, it appears this is a Canadian variant, is this correct?

Maybe @Max could help you here, this seems more a question for Huawei's support.
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Hi @THRobinson,

Could you please message me in private with the Serial Number of your device so I can look further into this?

Thank you, I am looking forward to your private DM!

Best wishes,

I just had to create an account to post this: Has a solution come in? If so, can you post it publicly so others can do this? I too have no option to disable Magazine. EMUI (C792E11R1P11). Kinda stupid how being in Canada means I can't disable this setting. I like my lock screen, why the h*** does Huawei want to keep changing it... Super annoying.
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Hi @PiffWarrior , I've flagged for the support team to see if they have a response to help you.
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Hi @PiffWarrior!

Thanks for letting us know about your opinion on this!

We're here to collect feedback like this, so newer functions requested by users can be added in future patches and updates.

If you have any more observations, please let us know!

Meanwhile, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any kind of problems in the future. You can also send me a private message for further assistance. Have a lovely day!

All the best,