P20 Pro Not Supercharging After repair

  • 4 July 2019
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had my phone back a couple of weeks from Uk Service centre after many phone calls and debates should of been a new phone sent out yet it was repaired apparently - been ok for a week or two now its not charging quickly at all or letting me connect to my pc - No I have not dropped or got the phone wet at all, tried different cables and also factory reset - I don't want the hassle of sending my phone back to these amateurs as don't believe they are capable to do a repair properly - first reason I sent it back was because while I had the phone on charge it started to smell and smoke and all the port had burn marks on which could of caused a serious fire in my home.

after many promises off Huawei representatives that I would have my phone back by the 15th May 2019 they failed to due this and had to go on holiday / business without a phone and turned out needed it quite urgently in an emergency.

is it that hard for them to just send me a out a replacement phone for an item what is clearly broken due to no fault of my own.

considering going through my insurance rather than Huawei as I have learnt customer service is shocking, I was denied possibility to speak to a manager when I called, told I was on a call back list which I am still waiting for

2 replies

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@LukeJHull sorry you're having more issues. There's a topic which covers troubleshooting battery issues, which I hope helps.
I have a similar issue
After the previous update in late April 2019.the super charging had been lost. And only regular charging is done.
I don't know the reason.