P20 Pro problem while calling

  • 3 August 2019
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Hello everyone,
I have problem with my P20 Pro, it wasnt there before. During Calls, the other caller does not hear me properly, so I have to talk very close to the phone loudly, even when it is in speaker option.
I have tried different times with different people & with different apps (Whatsapp, Viber) as well, but the issue seems in the phone itself & probably after few Updates from Huawei.
Very sad situation, didnt face such in my previous Samsung.
I need your help.

1 reply

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Do you have a case on your device that might be blocking the microphone?

If not, take a can of compressed air and properly clean the mic holes and the speakers, there might just be some dust/dirt blocking the sound.

If this does not solve the problem, try a factory reset before sending it back to the seller or Huawei's support.

Alternatively, you can plug in headphones with an integrated mic and use that instead. While not perfect, it's a workaround.