Screen completely changed on P20 Pro

I was using my phone but didn't do anything with settings and my screen is now completely different, the screen saver has changed, the phones is very dark, images cannot be made out and it is generally almost impossible to use

Ive cleared cache, tried to alter brighteness, Tues to reset but the option is greyed out with the only option to reset whole phone which I would like to avoid at all costs.

Help p20 pro

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I don't suppose your using a third party launcher are you? Phones don't usually change all by themselves it's usually something software related. If you'd just said the screen went really dark and won't go bright I may have thought it was a display issue, but because you said the whole look has changed its more likley to be software related.

Regards Jase
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Hi and welcome to the forums!

are you sure it is not to do with power management/power saving settings/eye comfort settings on your phone?
It can usually do that when you have set it to power saving mode or eye comfort settings.

You may want to check the following settings:
settings > Display > Screen resolution
settings > Display > Colour & Eye Comfort
Settings>Display>Brightness - for brightness settings

failing that it could be a sign that the lcd light is failing on your phone.(though highly unlikely). If your phone is still in warranty, you may wish to contact Huawei support on 08000 886 700 or go to click on "after-sales services"

ps. was your phone recently updated?