Surround sound on my p20 pro not working

  • 31 July 2019
  • 2 replies

I have the Huawei p20 pro and i love the phone however as i am a gamer playing games like PUBG Mobile i need the best sound posseble and this is not the case. my p20 pro hase no surround sound i cant tell from where the sound is coming from (left or right) this makes PUBG Mobile hard to be good in.
I have changed headphone/earphones no help i have tested these head/earphone on other smartphone and it works this told me there is a problem on my smartphone, i have changed setting on the dolby atmos in all posseble ways no change i have turned it of no change.
Please help me to find a solution as i dont want to change my smartphone.

2 replies

if tthe p20 pro is the same as the p20 dolby atmos doesn't work on bluetooth only with cables. also if you look at the bottom of your phone the sound comes out of righr hand side hole ( try putting your finger over it) left side is microphone hope this helps
Hi thank you for your reply.
This doesn't help because it doesn't even work with the factory earphone cable