Unlock P20 Pro screen using USB OTG mouse

  • 18 July 2019
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I've got a broken screen (black and unresponsive to any touch) and I bought a USB C OTG Adapter to see if I could test the phone and get data off. I've been able to turn off alarms and see the lockscreen and use the mouse/keyboard but I cannot unlock the phone. It seems that Huawei have put in an extra security feature to freeze the mouse after you slide to unlock. The screen goes blurry and the mouse stops responding and it sometimes shows the keypad for a half a second but it won't let you enter it. I've tried keyboard and talking to their tech support. I don't know if its worth repairing the screen...I'll take it to their service centre today and see what they say.
Anyone else know of a way round this problem without factory resetting?
Thanks 🙂

2 replies

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@DRSC Media @drhouse @TechZilla @chillphone any advice? 🙂
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I don't have any experience on this matter, sorry. I think OTG support is disabled in some cases due to security reasons, but I'm not sure about this.

What I've already seen in the past is the possibility of mounting a temporary compatible screen and backing up the data manually. It seems some repair shops do this, but no clue on the fees nor the process, or even who does this. Maybe an option to consider if no luck.

I know Huawei has been running a promotion for display repairs on some models (P20 Pro included), and they also launched their "Service days", although I am not sure if this exists in the UK.