Cannot activate silent mode on P30 - NO sound icon in shortcuts

  • 9 September 2019
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I have no 'sound' icon in my shortcuts when I swipe down from the top of the home screen - so I cannot activate silent mode. Can anyone tell me how to add these widgets or shortcuts, as I seem to just have a very few. The 'bell' icon for sound mode is just not there. When I watch videos etc showing how to activate silent mode, everyone else seems to have this widget. I want to be able to switch it on & off easily - not have to go through loads of screens. The screenshot here shows all the icons I have - there are no others.


Best answer by Danjl 12 September 2019, 08:50

@Alami The vibration icon, when tapped changes to sound (bell) then silent.
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If you tap the pencil icon to edit, does it show there?
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@Alami The vibration icon, when tapped changes to sound (bell) then silent.
Thanks very much for the replies - sorry I found it just after posting this question, so I tried to delete the post, but for some reason it's impossible. I contacted a moderator to ask them to delete it but clearly this hasn't happened. Question solved!
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Well I think it was right to not just delete the thread but leave it here together with the solving answer.

So in the future others with the same problem can find the solution (provided they do a search, which unfortunately nearly noone seems to do nowadays)..