Cannot mute E-mail notifications on P30 Pro

  • 21 May 2019
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Hi all,
It seems I cannot mute E-mail notifications on my P30 Pro. All other notifications are muted (as I muted them in settings), and when I check E-mail's properties, it says that notifications are muted. However, It pings loudly whenever I get mail.
I am using latest EMUI
The culprit is Huawei's e-mail client

4 replies

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@BranimirZ Have you set the default notification to silent too? Default notification sound can be found in settings/sound/default notification and also check the email app notification sound?
I did, and all is set to silent.
Maybe I have not been understood correctly: all is set to silent, and email still pings.
The native email client gets through do not disturb on my p30 pro too. Mail version, emui on vodafone UK.