Difference between P20 pro and P30 pro

  • 18 August 2019
  • 2 replies

My p20pro was draining battery much faster since last update about 2 weeks ago, I've updated now to the p30pro and to be honest, the p20pro had the led notification light so why lose it on the p30PRO? Also I find that the dual speaker on the p20pro is now a single one on the p30pro as the sim card holder now takes up that space? Why? Does a £700. Phone not have what a £450 phone had?........ Maybe wait for the p30pro extra/ultra, don't think the full £1100 p30pro with 512gb is any different??...

2 replies

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I think it's simply down to the screen, it takes up almost all of the front, so where would an LED and a second speaker fit?
Camera still 24.7 on p20pro, dual speaker, p30pro single speaker and sim card tray slot u xxxxx, nothing new apart from no no no no notification light and an extra 250ma on battery, and £300 more, blah blah... 😭