Free SONOS one speaker

  • 17 May 2019
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When I pre-ordered my P30 pro, before the release date, I did not realise, until a few days later, that I could receive a free SONOS one Alexa speaker. I filled in the claim form on the Huawei site, all very easy and just the other day it arrived. Its fantastic, I just had to downloaded the sonos app on my P 30pro. I'm amazed at how good the 2 complement each other. Just wanted to say a big thank you Huawei.

2 replies

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@Badger , glad you like the SONOS and thanks for the feedback. I'm a big fan of my SONOS at home, I've got soundcloud, spotify and audible connected my speaker. But no alexa.

Enjoy and how knows, in a few weeks you might want to write a blog to share you experience on how the P30 Pro and the speaker complement each other.
I pre-ordered a P30 pro. I subsequently filled in the claim form, which was then validated. My "gift" was then sent for fulfilment and a courier contacted me to arrange delivery, however now DX deliveries are telling me they never actually physically received the speaker, only the electronic tracking information from Huawei. After 30 minutes on the phone to them without success, they advised that I would need to contact the sender. I then contacted Huawei support who couldn't help or advise me either.

Beginning to feel a bit dodgy 😞