Huawei P30 not working with Android Auto & Samsung Galaxy watch

  • 30 April 2019
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Hello all,

I am an owner of a P30 phone (about a week) and has been updated to the latest code !
I had a P20 Lite before which I was very happy !!
First of all, I couldn't tranfer my data from P20Lite -> P30 because through the Huawei phone clone the new phone (P30) couldn't connect to the old (P20Lite) - not even manual !!! I copy the data through Huawei cloud and takes almost 3 hours !!!

Now, I am trying to connect the P30 phone to:

1.Android Auto
My previous P20Lite was working fine !
But the P30 was not working !
I have done almost everything (enabling Developer's options and enable the "Select USB configuration" to "Charge only" with original USB cable, reset my phone,...) but does not work !!
I have tried that to multiple AA versions !

2.Samsung Galaxy Watch
Also, my previous P20Lite was connected almost perfect !
But now, I am tring to connect the phone but the Samsung Application (Samsung Galaxy Wearable) cannot connect to the watch - the application is closing suddenly without success !
I have tried almost everything susch as to re-install app, delete cache, delete cache and data, factory reset phone without any data - from scratch installation. Also, I have tried to exclude this apps from Huawei power management but all my attempts have been failed !
Note, that the Galaxy watch is on the latest firmware and it is the 4G version.

I will appreciate it if someone provide any solution for the connection between AA and Galaxy watch !

Thank you

10 replies

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@mendr_j ,

Welcome to the community, sorry to hear you're having issues. Hopefully the following topics will help:

Thank you Danjl for the quick reply !
For both connections (AA and Samsung watch) I have tried the troubleshooting steps. Unfortunately, without success !
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@mendr_j ,

Ok, then I flag to the support team to see if they can assist.
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Thanks @Danjl, for bringing our attention to this!

Hey @mendr_j , welcome back!

We'd like to check out if these issues are reproducible on similar devices. For that we'd need the Serial and Build number of the device and the version of the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app.

Could you please send these to me via PM?!

This would make our job a lot easier finding a fix for this, we could also escalate it to our developments team, for them,to check about this as well.

We'll be looking forward to your reply!

Hi !
Τhank you for your interest ! I appreciate it a lot !!

The issue with Galaxy watch has been resolved by a realy strange way:
My phone (P30) and my watch was in Greek language. After searching in some local forum, they provide a strange solution:
I switch the language from Greek to English (both phone and watch) and re-connect the watch through the Galaxy wearable application !!!
And it works (I don't know how but it did) ! After I switch the language for both phone and watch back to Greek and everything were OK !!

@Max : I am sending to you the S/N and the build number !

So, please focus for the issue with Android Auto !
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Hello @mendr_j have you tried clearing the data and cache for the Android Auto app? This has worked for others.
Hi @ClogPower ,

I just tried (clearing the data and cache for the Android Auto app) without success !
Hello all,

Any updates?

I've been able to connect my P30 Pro to my Samsung Galaxy Watch without too many issues. However, I can't get email notifications or messages on the watch. Do you have any suggestions on how to resolve this? I've deleted the Samsung wear app on the phone and re-installed and repaired the device but without success. Any help would be appreciated. 🤓
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Hello all!

I am sorry that you are experiencing issues!

I would ask you to send me your serial and build numbers via private message to check this cases for you!

Looking forward to your messages!

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have further issues!

Have a lovely day!

All the best,