I Don't Think I've Owned So Many Phones in Such a Short Space if Time 😁

  • 31 May 2019
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In the past 9 months I've had a P20 Pro, Mate 20 Pro and I bought the P30 Pro yesterday.

I didn't upgrade my Apple phones this often (mind you there's no reason to for a 12Mp camera on a phone that costs a mortgage. Apple is all about smoke and mirrors)

Been happy with the previous phones but please Huawei don't bring out another phone just yet! Lol

4 replies

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Hi Jeff,

Wow thats amazing! Glad to see that you are happy with your devices.

I'm currently using a Mate 20 Pro. 😃

Would be fun to see what devices everyone owns in this thread! I will tag our top users: @drhouse @DRSC Media @ClogPower @Jase @picitup @chillphone.
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Mate20 pro, P20 pro (wife), Psmart I won but gave to a friend who accidentally broke phone and needed a temporary replacement. Love the camera on the P30 pro though, got to test it for a bit and it was crazy.
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I used to have P9 Pro then mate 10 Pro then the Mate 20 Pro which is my daily driver

I also had a Psmart which I also won and gave that to my parents which they love.

Love the P30 Pro great features really love the zoom and low light aspects, when my contract finishes I will look to upgrade if I can.
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Currently P30 Pro, 512GB version, because otherwise it's not an upgrade from my Porsche Design Mate RS, which I used for about a year (since launch till P30 Pro).

Have a P20 Pro "gifted" by my workplace, before was on a Mate 10 Pro.


Want to get a Mate 20 Pro at some point, but not for now.