I need Android Auto. Shall I buy Huawei?

  • 24 June 2019
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Hello, guys.
I'm looking for a phone to replace my Galaxy Note 8, and I'm very interested on the new camera on the P30 Pro, but very worried about it not working with Android Auto. I've got an A Class 2019 and I normaly use Android Auto with my Note 8.
What can you guys, P30 Pro owners, tell me about it?

6 replies

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Hi Pablocesar,

I will tag some P30 Pro users for you:

@Captain Chaos @Dilmon @DRSC Media any advice?
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Sadly I don't drive, so I wouldn't be able to say. In theory, it should work just fine.

Usually what we recommend is checking whether the car manufacturer supports your specific phone, as there's often issues between Huawei phones and bluetooth on cars.
@DRSC Media I'd normally agree with you, but I have found a lot of questions and comments online from people complaining about issues with Android Auto, trying to fix the problem and make them work together.
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Yeah there's an entire thread about it on here, I am well aware of this, that's why the "in theory".

From my experience, all I can say, is make sure your car manufacturer states compatibility with Huawei devices, and that's sadly as much as I can help on this subject, which doesn't answer your question😥
Don't waste your time. It's a big problem, and Huawei are doing nothing to rectify it.
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I use Hire Cars quite regularly and have used Android Auto with my Mate 20 pro with lots of them and have never had any issues. Can your phone shop not loan you a Huawei to try before you buy? Or if your in UK lots of CPW in out of town locations with parking. Pretty cure they would pop out and try phone with your car. Hope you get it sorted 🙂