I would like to praise the Huawei P30 PRO

  • 27 August 2019
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Hello I would like to prise the Huawei P30 PRO not only for its excellent main and periscope camera, but also...
I use wifi at home to transfer files via ftp using total commander, this is a first phone that I have with such a stable transfers.
If there are fluctuations they are around 200-300 kbps with my last phone S7 it could go from 1 mbps to 4 mbps, in the same environment, router, pc and pc's wifi adapter.
And I heard that also from one other person.
The speaker in P30 PRO is just prefect, I never hear it overdrive it has high frequencies that one can actually enjoy and for someone who uses it daily for at least 8 hours to listen to the music or to talk even in loud environments and being able to hear others, it's really convinient.
I don't need to bring Bluetooth speaker to work anymore or to talk using headphones which after few hours can make ears hurt.
And I have to state it, people with whom i speak tell me that they hear me the best when I'm on loudspeaker, this was a very nice surprise, since i bought it based more on camera.
Gesture mode is amazingly convinient and the faint vibration that confirms showing opened apps while sliding up and holding is a cherry on the top 😁
I like to take pictures in pro mode with raw on, there is the least processing done to jpegs, this changes when raw in pro mode is disabled, then jpegs are more processed.
There is a lot more, small things that I find helpful, but it's too much to write about everything.
All in all it's a great phone.
I was wondering quite a bit before I bought it, I'm really glad I did.
If You can appriciate what this phone has to offer I highly advice it.

Thank You

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