P30 Pro automatically dialing a call while connected to a Bluetooth device

  • 30 April 2019
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I just purchased a new P30 pro, it is an amazing phone. However, while im in the gym and my phone is connected to my GT watch and a wireless Bluetooth headset (JBL brand which is nice to use while working out and i was using the same on my previous P20 pro, never had an issue) it started dialing a call by its own repeatedly. I have called the customer service about it since its under VIP warranty still then asked me to try it on other wireless Bluetooth headset (this time i tried with my apple airpods which works but im not happy using it while in the gym).

Another situation today only after work, i was driving then suddenly i received notification from a FB messenger on my GT watch when my phone is not connected to a internet. I received the same notification at least 5 times in approximate 10 minutes interval in the middle.

Is this normal or should i ask for device replacement?

1 reply

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Hey @Jose, welcome!

We completely understand your frustration regarding the calls. Does the JBL Speaker dial numbers on other devices as well? In case it doesn't it might simply be caused by an incompatibility.

Also about the Facebook messenger notifications on the Watch. These can be caused by software issues related to Facebook Services. We'd suggest uninstalling the app and re-installing it again.

Please let us know if this was helpful at all!