P30 Pro connecting car bluetooth

  • 3 August 2019
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My P30 pro isn't connecting to my car Bluetooth properly. It's all connected to the car, however when I play any music it goes through the phones speaker. I know it's not the car's system as my old phone was working with it.
It's very importent to me.

Many thanks, daniel

3 replies

I had galaxy s8 but i tried to connect anouther huawei p9 and meizu m4
And they work good
Yeah my p30 seems to disconnect everytime I try to sync my phonebook. Went through settings on the car and phone and just keeps sending me back to the beginning. My last phone a p20 lite worked perfectly
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Usually for Bluetooth issues it is recommended checking compatibility between the phone and the car on the car manufacturer's website. It is not uncommon for car manufacturers to not support Chinese devices.

What brand was your previous phone?