P30 Pro not honouring silent mode or do not disturb mode

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My P30 Pro has suddenly, since a few days, started loudly playing sound for all notifications, even if it is in "silent", "vibrate" or "do not disturb" mode! It evens seems that it plays sounds for all incoming notifications at once if there are multiple, through one another, adding to the din. As you can imagine this is extremely irritating.

How can I resolve this problem?

The phone is fully up to date and has had nothing out of the ordinary installed on it. A reboot does not help. This is the default "bongo" notification sound and it plays for all notifications, it has nothing to do with one particular app.

Best answer by teunvw 14 June 2019, 15:36

For everyone still facing this problem, since none of the solutions suggested above worked for me, I've found a different temporary fix that made silent mode actually silent again, and it's really simple:

Go to:
Settings > Sound > Default volume button control
Select "Ringtone volume".

Hope this helps some of you!
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We are sorry, unfortunately the community do not seem to have an answer for your query. We'd suggest you reach out to our official support channels here
I also have this issue and it's driving me up the wall! My phone has been notifying me in the cinema, at work, during meetings. Please fix this ASAP
Same issue on my Honor 10, it's absolutely the worst fault you can have. My phone is now completely unusable as I can't shut it up without turning it off. Please help me fix it before I throw the phone from the window.
Hey, everyone! This morning while DND mode should have been on I got an email and to my amazement (and some anger) it played the sound that goes along with it. This has occurred once or twice before but I didn't really pay it much attention. I looked through Google for people with a similar issue and there were 0 help so I came here to ask what is going on? I own a mate 10 pro that is in warranty and I don't have any other issues with it. Just this little annoyance. Thanks!
Hi, I am also facing this problem. It started only today even on silent mode, my whatsapp notification still beeps. Is it a bug from a deployed update ?
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I reset my phone, and that helped. For about an hour. Now the problem is back. And apparently it is affecting many people. Hopefully you have something better to offer than "talk to support," @Huawei Mobile UK?
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I even tried setting the notification sound to "none". It even ignores that and *still* plays the "bongo" sound!
Same problem with me. Not sure if this is a recent update that is causing this. This was not the case before. Sure it's damn annoying and looks like many are facing this
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Even setting the volume as low as possible (but not silent) does not help. It still plays the notification as loud as possible. It sure would be nice to get some recognition or help from Huawei.
Same thing has started happening to me on my mate 20 pro. Set to DND overnight with no priority overrides but still get a notification sound. I have to turn phone off which means I can't use it anymore for my alarm
I had the same issue with my P20. (Build
Its been a couple of days and customer service have done nothing, absolutely unacceptable.
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I get that they can't fix something like this in days, but they absolutely should acknowledge the problem. As far as I can tell so far Huawei is oblivious.
Reckon it's a sunking ship and we are one of the few survivors still on it. Time to jump ship.
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Its been a couple of days and customer service have done nothing, absolutely unacceptable.
Sorry @mamu178 , I accidentally marked your comment as the answer (just takes one wrong mouse click, and this stupid forum software does not ask for confirmation or allow you to undo it).
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Hi all,

I unmarked @mamu178's comment as the best answer.

Back to the issue:
there is a variety of settings around DND. First and foremost head to Settings> Sounds >Do Not Disturb. Ensure it is turned on, not scheduled, ensure settings for calls and messages are correct. Secondly head to Settings> Apps> Apps>(chose an app)> Notifications and ensure "allow interruptions" is not selected.

If all of that still fails then you may have a bug or a badly coded third party app. Please contact our official channels for more info:
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Thanks @Amy It seems pretty clear that this has nothing to do with do not disturb settings, since it also happens when the phone is in silent or vibrate mode. I've also tried those official support channels, but I had hoped Huawei would show a little more interest in a major bug in their thousand dollar smartphone...
I have the exact same issue!!! It's so infuriating. Updating the software fixed it for a day but now it's back. Please please please fix this bug Huawei!!!!!!
Has anyone had any luck with a factory reset? I don't want to go through the effort of doing one to find the issue is still there.

As a temporary fix, I've managed to stop the notification sounds by activating do not disturb mode and turning the media volume down to zero. Obviously this isn't helpful if you want to listen to music, but it does mean you can leave your phone when in meetings etc.
UPDATE: strangely enough, the issue seems to be gone on my phone. Notifications are back to normal. I've done NOTHING special in order to fix it, so sadly no useful info for you guys.
And an update: it's back 😕
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I have news! Apparently this is an Android bug, and it's affecting many people (including Pixel phone users, which is pure Android).

Reddit post:
Bug report in Google's issue tracker:

The media and ringer volumes have somehow got linked, causing notifications to be played at the volume of the media volume. If you lower the media volume, you can silence the phone. It's also somehow linked to Bluetooth. Clearing all settings or resetting the phone makes the problem go away, but when you connect a Bluetooth device again it will recur.

I hope Google will fix this quickly. I also hope that Huawei phones will actually get the fix. If not, it's back to the store for mine, 'cause this is not usable.
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Has anyone had any luck with a factory reset?

Probably won't work. I did a normal reset, and it fixed the problem for a short while but it soon returned. But see my previous answer for news.
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And an update: it's back :/

Did you connect a Bluetooth device around the time it came back?
For a temporary workaround you can disable the "Google" app in the settings (Apps/Apps/Google).

While this is disabled you won't be able to use the assistant.

Edit: as mentioned below it might affect a few other things as well, didn't notice because I don't use them