Possible to turn off fingerprint sensor when screen is off?

  • 8 August 2019
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At the moment I can't (don't want to) use the fingerprint sensor because then any slight touch anywhere wakes the screen up. Is it possible (maybe in a future upgrade) to turn off the fingerprint sensor when the screen is off (I don't use AOD) and only have it work once you turn on the screen with the side button?


Oh, and also PLEASE unlock the camera api for apps like Filmic.

3 replies

I want the exact same thing! I have a P20 and it's so annoying that the screen activates pretty much every time I grab it, and then sometimes unlocks because of accidental touching of the screen. Just make it an option to have the fingerprint sensor be off when the screen is off. PLEASE.
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Not sure if it will work but they removing all finger prints stored and just unlock with pin?
No, we WANT to use the finger print, we just don't want it to work while the screen is OFF.