Sound on P30 Pro too quiet with Headphones

  • 12 June 2019
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I've recently purchased a P30 Pro and I'm pretty thrilled with my new smartphone. It's pretty much the best phone I've ever had so far.

I am, although, experiencing issues with the sound volume when listening to music. Even at maximum capacity, it seems to be pretty low.

I've already tried to empty the cache in recovery mode as discussed into another thread. It didn't seem to improve my issue.

I've disabled the Dolby Atmos option when using headphones though, and it seemed to help a lot. My sound "loudness" went from pretty low to medium at maximum capacity.

For information, I am using the headphones provided with the phone with Spotify and SoundCloud, and with both apps the sound is the same intensity.

What options could I venture now to improve this issue?


1 reply

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Hi Felix,

Welcome on the community!

There are several topics (here and here) about volume issues on the P30 Pro. Is your volume ok when you are not using headphones?

If the troubleshoot in in this thread or a reset don't fix your issue, please contact our support team directly ( as you might need assistance from a technician at our service centre.