Switched from iPhone but videos unsupported on Instagram stories

  • 5 August 2019
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I just upgraded to the p30 pro after being with apple for so many years and experiencing a few issues mainly with Instagram.

When I go to upload stories my videos won't appear or if I scroll a long way and a video does show I just get a message of video not supported. Most videos appear grey in the preview (you can't see them) and the others you can see but after clicking on them says "video is not supported"... even videos taken on my Huawei.

I've read a few posts here and wiped cache partition, reinstalled the app etc but am still unable to upload video to my stories. I've also restored factory settings on my phone and carried out a complete wipe.

I've checked the previous thread on this marked as solved but there are unanswered follow up messages.

I was adamant I could make the switch from iPhone but this is an additional significant issue in a whole series of switching headaches I've had since making the switch. As such a swift response is appreciate as I'm considering moving back.

Thanks in advance

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