Top feature requests for P30 /P30 Pro updates

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  1. VPN options from default android added back (always on VPN etc)
  2. Ability to re-organize what camera modes are available on the main screen.
  3. Volume control separate for ringtone and notifications, and higher volume level for bluetooth music.
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Hello everyone!

Thank you all for sharing this requests!

As @JackJ said, we will share these cases with the development team so they can include some of these features in the next update.

Meanwhile, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any kind of problems in the future. You can also send me a private message for further assistance. Have a lovely day!

All the best,
My requests are:
  1. Be able to zoom from 40MP camera to wide angle seamlessly
  2. Ability to have different volume and sounds for system sounds and notifications
  3. More gesture controls - i.e. allow activation of torch or camera
I'm sure some others will come to mind in 5 mins :-)

Definitely the seamless zoom would be great, a resolution mode that is 40mp 1x\10mp Zoom or wide.
1. Allow locking of the camera mode.
I find I'm sometimes taking a photo, pause for a moment and then find it's accidentally moved from photo to video, or one of the other modes.

2. Allow full screen 360° rotation so the speaker is at the top. I often listen to music whilst using other apps and find the speaker gets blocked while I'm holding the phone or resting it on another surface.
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I really wish there would be a smarter 'Auto brightness' implemented in feature updates, like you have on Galaxy series phones, which is called 'Adaptive brightness'. Why it is way better than regular 'Auto brightness', because it can learn your preferences when you manually tweak it. Every time when it gets darker I am facing same problem over and over again, the brightness which my device sets according to my environment always feels too dim for my taste, so I have to open notification panel and bump the slider up a little bit, but unfortunately it will stay like this just for a short time and go back to previous brightness which is measured by the ambient light sensor. I wish we had a modern and smarter 'Adaptive brightness' feature.
Better always on display would be nice. Ie read your notifications on the devices always on display. Maybe with a customisable toggle for privacy.

Hardware shortcut to open the torch.
Hi !

I'm a recent Huawei owner, my first Huawei phone, coming from a OnePlus 6 which is a really great phone but I needed a better camera.
Here are things that I am missing :
  • On the lockscreen, the possibility to see the next alarm.
  • On the lockscreen, it woul be great to have the possibility to disable an imminent alarm AND to leave it activated for the next occurence. If I wake up before the alarm I have to open the alarm clock app, disable the alarm and most importantly have to enable it again for the next time if I don't forget it... It's really annonying.
  • Replace the knock on the screen by 3 fingers slide or something else to create a screenshot, It would be more practical.
  • On the lockscreen, the possibility to put easily the phone on vibrate or silent.
Thanks !
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I'd like to see camera 2 API support as well.

And a better camera software with less overly processing in normal photo mode AI turned off. Also, an option to select HDR there maybe even with an enhanced HDR as we see it on GCam would be nice.
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Wen you long press on the camera icon, you get a pop up menu with some short cuts.

Is there any way to allow us to either customise that list or add a new widget where we could assign a camera short cut? For instance, it would open the camera in black and white mode. Or go straight to portrait mode, etc.

This would be so useful and a time saver too
Let WhatsApp video access the wide angle lens. So you can toggle between different cameras.
Apart from all the things listed here by others that I agree on, would be also nice if when you take picture (click the screen button) it vibrates, sort of like iPhone has it.
Please bring back aperture mode at 5x zoom.
It was present in the original software version and worked fine but for some reason it was removed.

Please make it possible to create timelapse videos at 1080p. It is only possible to make them 720p maximum at the moment. For a phone which can record in 4k, seems kinda poor.
Please allow us to adjust how the timelapse videos are captured. For example, be able to choose between 10 seconds recording equals 1 second of video, or 20 seconds of recording equals 1 second of video. Ideally have around 4 different settings both higher and lower time periods than the default.

Please give us the option to remove the NFC icon from the status bar. Or any of the icons if needed.

Allow us to set a video or part of a video as the lockscreen wallpaper as you can on the Samsung galaxy devices.
Allow us to filter down to free or paid for in the live wallpapers section of the Huawei themes app.
Personally I would like a flashing light that tells you that you have messages etc.
Burst mode at high shutter speeds and/or in pro mode for sports, kids, and other fast moving objects.

Dedicate sports mode could be nice.
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Burst mode at high shutter speeds and/or in pro mode for sports, kids, and other fast moving objects.

Dedicate sports mode could be nice.

Yes, definitely. Didn't notice until now that such a basic thing was missing..

(The app does burst shots if you keep the button pressed in photo mode but there you have no options to manually set short shutter times - and in Pro mode where you can set shutter/ISO it doesn't do burst shots if you keep the button pressed for no apparent reason...)

I guess I'll report this in the Beta (although the software doesn't let you report missing features or suggestions so they might refuse it, since it's not actually an "error")
1. Processing of colors and grainy sharpness - yellow tint of photos is very disapointing, older phones do more natural colors reproduction. And edges of objects ars too grainy, it isnt pleasure to look at this.

2. Would be great to can slide down the upper bar by sliding with finger in the middle of screen, like other OS have.
3. Maximum level of sound on headphones - maan why its so low? I think it can be easily turned up. Very disapointing.

An active pen like the Mate 20 X and Samsung Note 10, with the possibility of gestures, taking notes, screenshots, and most importantly remote control of the camera!I

You know that popup which appears when you select a word? The one which says “cut, copy, select all” or something like that?

In Samsung phones you can move it around with your finger if it happens to appear in an unfortunate position.

It's a small detail but in daily life it makes a big difference.

A phone which aims to be the Camera King, MUST have a dual aperture lens at least on the main camera, like the Note 10 does.

The depth of focus you get with the Note 10 when selecting the narrower aperture is much better than on the P30 Pro.

Auto HDR! Come on, that's basic stuff!

And I completely agree that HDR should be accessible from within the main Photo mode, rather than being a separate mode.

There should just be a way to toggle HDR on/off directly on the screen of the main Photo mode, without entering in other menus.

And HDR in video, that should be also available.

My requests are:

  1. Be able to zoom from 40MP camera to wide angle Seamlessly


Totally agreed. Photography is timing. If I am in the 40MP mode and I want to zoom in, I don't want to read a popup which tells me to switch to 10MP to then go in the menu, switch, zoom, and take the pic of singing which is now gone forever.

No thanks.

I need to be able to zoom and the phone has to automatically switch to the lens which corresponds.


Also, zoom should be more steady and smooth, while recording a video.