📣 [Winners announced] QUIZ - How much do you know about P30 Pro?

  • 12 March 2019
  • 27 replies
📣 [Winners announced] QUIZ - How much do you know about P30 Pro?

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Thank you all for taking the quiz!

And the winners are... *drumroll*
@Rick F

Congratulations! ✨
Please send me a private message to accept the prize.

As promised, the correct answers:Q: True or false, P30 Pro supports "Audi connect key"
A: True

Q: What is the maximum optical zoom P30 Pro is capable of?
A: 5x optical

Q: What is the best hybrid zoom the P30 Pro can achieve?
A:10x Hybrid

Q: The new sensor that allows more light is called?
A: Huawei SuperSpectrum RYYB

Q: How many MegaPixels is the Ultra Wide Angle lens on P30 Pro?
A: 20MP

Q: P30 Pro is water resistant to a depth of one metre?
A: True

Q: What version of EMUI is P30 series running
A: EMUI 9.0

How many questions did you answer correctly?😄

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Thanking you kindly, and congrats to the other winners!