Animals of Huawei. Share your photos

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Prompted by my post in another thread I have decided to start a topic on Animals, and more specifically, pictures of the beautiful creatures.

So I searched through my P20 to see which of mother nature's beasties I'd captured and here is what I found...

Feel free to post your own captured creatures (photos only, hunting real animals is abhorrent) but you must also state which is your spirit animal.. Mine is a Bear 🐻

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My daughter with her pet tortoise, Leo.

A Meerkat I snapped at Whitehouse Farm in Northumberland.

As for my spirit animal? Probably a dolphin.
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Wherever I go, Al-paca Huawei P20 Pro. Spirit animal = Otter. Or wet cat.

A killer....she's vicious, deadly....Leia!!

Taken on P20 pro, spirit animal 🐈
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Caprigirl wrote:

Taken on P20 pro, spirit animal 🐈

Everyone should be owned by a miniature house-panther. Mavis agrees. (P20 Pro).

Fab topic! Here are some of my pets and a selection of invertebrates found in my garden or whilst out walking locally. My spirit animal is an elephant 😂

Silva has her beedy eyes on something

Thought I'd take a photo of my dog "Jake". Because of the fantastic low light sensor no flash is required which would really upset my dog.

Teddy bear the cockapoo, Rolex the horse and a few deer

Thus website is not optimised for mobile 😞 very hard to select photos and delete ones 😞 not meant to out a cake on there lol
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Hi Officialmaggot,

Deleted the cake for you - Looked yummy though 😉
I love the P20 the camera is amazing! I find everybody telling me to take pictures because my camera is so amazing! 📷 I do spend more time taking pictures of nature now with such amazing camera!

Little lottie the cockapoo and lacey the Yorkshire terror all taken with the Mate 20 pro

Great close up detail on the p20 pro

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Feeling Friendly....

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Watching You....
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The Shy Rare White Egret I Caught On Camera.
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