A Victorian multi-faith Cemetery in Surrey, England (and a bonus Porsche 😁)

  • 21 May 2019
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These are photos from Brookwood Cemetery in Woking, Surrey, England that I took last week. I've visited this place over 100 times since I was a child as it's very peaceful, huge (over 500 acres), and I find Christian Gothic-inspired architecture and Victorian history fascinating (I'm Jewish). Here's a quote from Wiki with some of the history:

"Brookwood Cemetery was conceived by the London Necropolis Company (LNC) in 1849 to house London's deceased, at a time when the capital was finding it difficult to accommodate its increasing population, of living and dead.
In 1854, Brookwood was the largest cemetery in the world (it is no longer). Its initial owner incorporated by Act of Parliament in 1852, Brookwood Cemetery (apart from its northern section, reserved for Nonconformists) was consecrated by Charles Sumner, Bishop of Winchester, on 7 November 1854 and opened to the public on 13 November 1854 when its first burials took place."

It houses areas for:
  • Catholics
  • Protestants
  • Muslims
  • Jews
  • Zoroastrians
  • Sikhs
  • Other, smaller faiths
In addition to this, it houses a large area known as Brookwood Military Cemetery which is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and features the resting area for thousands of people (or markers)
  • British Empire (as was)
  • United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)
  • Ireland
  • United States
  • Canada
  • India
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Former Czechoslovakia
  • France
  • Poland
  • Belgium
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
A US flag is raised and lowered at the same time every day in the US area and there are large statues from Poland and the what was Czechoslovakia. I was unable to visit that section this time but intend to next time. Here are a few photos from the other side and a bonus photo of my mum's car that I 'borrowed' for the week 😉

Interesting piece of history: There are numerous famous people buried in Brookwood Cemetery and it was the temporary resting place of Dodi Fayed, the partner of Diana, Princess of Wales after he was killed in a crash in 1997 in Paris.

Phone: Mate 20 Lite
Settings: Auto
'AI': Default
Editing: Correcting the angle on a few photos. No heavy editing as I wanted to provide an example of what the camera can do, even if the phone is an atrocity of electronic design.
Compression: Compressed using compressjpeg.com as it's easier for batch uploads. Original sizes ~10-15MB

Some of the memorials are in urgent need of repair due to a large fire started by a new owner in the 1990s. Instead of clearing the land, he tried to burn the weeds away causing severe structural damage to many of the older and more intricate buildings. It was extinguished before it managed to damage too many and most have been repaired to some degree, but this one from 1849 has not received any love and is probably the best 'worst' example of damage.

There are two active churches on the land. I believe this is a Serbian Orthodox church

This may look like stone but it's actually one of the few surviving Victorian head'stones' made entirely from wood. It used to have copper on the outside to protect it (you can see the green part at the top) but the cemetery had a major issue with metal thieves who desecrated thousands of graves to steal the metal.

All photos Šī¸ 2019. Please ask if you would like to use.

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This should be conversation, not question, but I can't seem to change it.

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