Challenge #1: Spring is in the air: share your close-ups!馃攷

  • 13 March 2019
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Spring is in the air: share your close-ups!🔎
We need your pictures as an evidence of the approaching Spring!
@Fezza inspired us to organize this challenge by sharing all the colorful pictures.

How to join the challenge?
路 Pick a detail of Spring and focus on it
路 Capture Spring with close-up photography
路 Share it with us in the comments below + tell us few words about the picture

PS Would be great know which device you used:)

If you need support or inspiration, check this macro shooting guide or the winning pictures of Spark a Renaissance competition, or ask a question in the comments.

Don鈥檛 forget to read our T&Cs.
We can鈥檛 wait to see your entries. Good luck!🏆

33 replies

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Here's a couple of photos of a dragon fly wings taken with my recently motorised microscope and a P20 Pro. The technique is documented here:

Hyper Macro, Hyper Depth of Field, Microscopes and Focus Bracketing

A large number of photos were taken at different focal lenghts and then stacked into a single image using Helicon Focus.

If you right-click/view the photos, you can zoom in a long way. These were take at 40MP and the final cropped images are around 25MP.

The above image is the combination of 120 photos.

This one was a combination of 80 photos.


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Snaps from Grandma's garden and recent travels 🙂

Iris is Grandma's favourite and she's got lots of them in the garden

This one was a stunning view in Beer.

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Genius 馃槀
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My peach tree in my garden with a blossoming flower. Taken on my Mate 10 (non pro).

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Trees starting to bloom at the local marshes!

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Heres a few pics I took this week on my travels ..enjoy people!!

Spring to me is always when you see the daffodils

Spring had sprung and the amphibians love to love 馃榿.
Captured at night with P20 pro in the Costa Rican rainforest.

Image taken by myself, using Super Macro Lense on Huawei Mate20 Pro. #CloseUpChallenge #HuaweiMate20Pro #SuperMacro #Spring

Morning magic in my garden...
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Some great shots
Taken on my Mate Pro 20. From my own front garden

Hull. UK
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Took this little picture of some snails snuggled under my doorstep.

On a Huawei P20 Pro

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Well this is as close as I could get, taken with Huawei P20

Spring in Lanzarote

Ready to give new life

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Bloody hell!

These photos are amazing! The mobile phone camera continues to chase the tail of the DSLR!

I was chatting to a chap in Sainsbury's a couple of weeks ago and he was telling me how a mobile phone camera would never replace a DSLR. I also remember some decades ago, how someone told me how digital cameras would never be good enough to replace film.

A couple of years ago a lady was offering film SLR cameras on freecycle for free. Now they have no value.

Amazing how things move on and times change. All for the better. I love it!


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The same scene, various lens & views from the mate 20 pro

Spring Blossom #1

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Thank you all for sharing these amazing photos! 🌸

@Actprovocateur, @JOHN PERRY and @BrickyardPhotos,

I moved your photo's to this thread. 🙂
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Few more Pics proving that Spring is on The Way!!

The first Ladybirds of spring. Taken with a Huawei P Smart.