Challenge #1: Spring is in the air: share your close-ups!🔎

  • 13 March 2019
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Spring is in the air: share your close-ups!🔎
We need your pictures as an evidence of the approaching Spring!
@Fezza inspired us to organize this challenge by sharing all the colorful pictures.

How to join the challenge?
· Pick a detail of Spring and focus on it
· Capture Spring with close-up photography
· Share it with us in the comments below + tell us few words about the picture

PS Would be great know which device you used:)

If you need support or inspiration, check this macro shooting guide or the winning pictures of Spark a Renaissance competition, or ask a question in the comments.

Don’t forget to read our T&Cs.
We can’t wait to see your entries. Good luck!🏆

33 replies

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Here's a couple of photos of a dragon fly wings taken with my recently motorised microscope and a P20 Pro. The technique is documented here:

Hyper Macro, Hyper Depth of Field, Microscopes and Focus Bracketing

A large number of photos were taken at different focal lenghts and then stacked into a single image using Helicon Focus.

If you right-click/view the photos, you can zoom in a long way. These were take at 40MP and the final cropped images are around 25MP.

The above image is the combination of 120 photos.

This one was a combination of 80 photos.


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Snaps from Grandma's garden and recent travels 🙂

Iris is Grandma's favourite and she's got lots of them in the garden

This one was a stunning view in Beer.

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Genius 😂
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My peach tree in my garden with a blossoming flower. Taken on my Mate 10 (non pro).

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Trees starting to bloom at the local marshes!

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Heres a few pics I took this week on my travels ..enjoy people!!

Spring to me is always when you see the daffodils

Spring had sprung and the amphibians love to love 😁.
Captured at night with P20 pro in the Costa Rican rainforest.

Image taken by myself, using Super Macro Lense on Huawei Mate20 Pro. #CloseUpChallenge #HuaweiMate20Pro #SuperMacro #Spring

Morning magic in my garden...
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Some great shots
Taken on my Mate Pro 20. From my own front garden

Hull. UK
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Took this little picture of some snails snuggled under my doorstep.

On a Huawei P20 Pro

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Well this is as close as I could get, taken with Huawei P20

Spring in Lanzarote

Ready to give new life

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Bloody hell!

These photos are amazing! The mobile phone camera continues to chase the tail of the DSLR!

I was chatting to a chap in Sainsbury's a couple of weeks ago and he was telling me how a mobile phone camera would never replace a DSLR. I also remember some decades ago, how someone told me how digital cameras would never be good enough to replace film.

A couple of years ago a lady was offering film SLR cameras on freecycle for free. Now they have no value.

Amazing how things move on and times change. All for the better. I love it!


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The same scene, various lens & views from the mate 20 pro

Spring Blossom #1

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Thank you all for sharing these amazing photos! 🌸

@Actprovocateur, @JOHN PERRY and @BrickyardPhotos,

I moved your photo's to this thread. 🙂
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Few more Pics proving that Spring is on The Way!!

The first Ladybirds of spring. Taken with a Huawei P Smart.