Mate 20 Pro video 4k - cinematic example 😊

  • 13 November 2018
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Hi everyone!

Just a little discussion I want to get going with all Huawei mate 20 pro owners and other phones alike! 😊

I've heard mixed feelings about the capabilities of the Mate 20 pro's video camera.
A lot of people say its super jittery which I agree in parts BUT I also think that the phone has a lot of untapped potential for budding videographers like myself!

I wanted to share an example of some of my work so far. I spent about 2 hours filming and outing together this - I would love some feedback too 😊 and maybe a like if you enjoy!

And please, feel free to share any projects you have currently or anything else relevant 😊

Make sure to watch in either 1080p or 4k 😉
Follow this link or watch below! (below video will probably not show full quality potential so I recommend following link! 😊)

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

7 replies

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Hi Visioptica,

Welcome on the Huawei Community and thanks for sharing your Mate 20 pro camera test.

Maybe some other Mate 20 Pro users could give you some feedback.. or likes 😉.
@Aaron, @chillphone, @Chownzy, @Coxy, @Jaybob, @RajassHuawei, @Golden, @Tony any thoughts?
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Hi @Visioptica, did you see @og2face's question? 🙂
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thats come out really well
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You have 2 year warranty with Huawei as well as 30 days if a handset is faulty to get the handset replaced/exchanged from where it was purchased, if you have a problem with your handset the best place to direct that to is point of sale, as they will be best positioned to assist you, not putting it on a thread to do with the 4k filming abilities as that is not going to resolve your problem if you have one.
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I never shared a camera test. I shared the green screen problem. @Amy thought you was going to give Huawei mate 20 pro customers some peace of mind......
Please Huawei fix your 4k video it's awful
Hope next time update will fix it
I think that was a great test. one question di you use the camera default settings?