Meet Spark a Renaissance competition winners – explore the photogallery

Meet Spark a Renaissance competition winners – explore the photogallery
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Last summer we launched the world's first photography contest with not only a human judge. In the 'Spark A Renaissance' competition, we invited photographers to submit their best images. The images were rated by Leica pro photographer Alex Lambrechts and our P20 Pro artificial intelligence (AI). Thousands of photos have been received and rated. The talented winners have been announced. In this topic, we show you the winning pictures. Click on the link above the picture to read an article with the photographer. I will post a new article every Thursday, so stay tuned!

Aaron Miller
"Dragonfly - It was in the morning and as we sat having coffee this Dragonfly kept looping around us and landing on this same long piece of grass."
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Giulia Zecchini
“Napoli by Day - I was walking through the centre of the city on the most beautiful sunny day, and whilst walking through the Galleria, I noticed the most amazing lights shining through the glass. Looking up I decided to just snap away and see what the results would look like!”
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Kirsty Heath
“Smothered in pink - It was a spur of the moment shot in my garden in the summer. I was picking flowers to feed my tortoise and noticed this little guy struggling to get out of the lavatera because he was smothered in pollen.”
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Charlie Lower
“I shot this photo in the ExCel London arena during taking part in the London Motorshow.”
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Joey Barlow
“Peru, near a town called Punta Sal. It was a hot day; the warm sand with the refreshing water of the South Pacific splashing at our feet set the scene for a relaxed evening of barbecues and ball games. As the sun began to creep away, while the sky was still lit up red, I snapped this photo and stood there in the sand, alone and silent, taking it all in.”
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Pierro Pozella
“A Mind of Its Own - The image was taken inside a photographic studio with controlled lighting. I had chosen to shoot inside a studio as I was able to control the lighting to create the effect I was after that helped conceptualise the image.”
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Jacob McQuillan
"I took it because how could you not? The photo doesn’t do the view justice! It’s absolutely incredible. I took my girlfriend on holiday to Paris for her birthday and this was one of many places we went to"
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"Had my first camera at the age of 5, and my first Saturday job was working in Dixons, Weston-Super-Mare, back when there was a huge emphasis placed on photography; this sparked a lifelong passion for taking photos and a succession of Pentax SLRs, and fed my love of all things tech."
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