Meet the Spark A Renaissance Competition winner: Kirsty Heath

  • 25 October 2018
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Meet the Spark A Renaissance Competition winner: Kirsty Heath
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The coming weeks we'll feature the Huawei Spark A Renaissance Photo Competition winners on the community. The previous featured winner was Giulia Zechini. Next up: Kirsty Heath also known as @nerdykirst.

Tell us something about yourself
"My name is Kirsty, I'm from Stoke on Trent in the UK. I love my garden, it brings me peace, I'm in it every chance I get."

Show us your winning photo!

Do you have any experience with photography
"I have no experience in photography even though I love taking pictures."

Did you give your picture a title?
"Don't know what to call it, I'm not in the habit of naming my pics.... Maybe.... Smothered in pink. Lol."

Sounds good 😉 Can you tell us a little bit about the picture?
"It was a spur of the moment shot in my garden in the summer. I was picking flowers to feed my tortoise and noticed this little guy struggling to get out of the lavatera because he was smothered in pollen so I just quickly grabbed my Huawei P9 and shot it on auto, pretty chuffed with the result. 😍"

Thanks Kirsty!

Follow Kirsty on Instagram. Don't forget to give this article a thumbs up if you like it! Want to share your smartphone photography on the community? Take a look at our photography section. - We have an autumn photography challenge going on right now!

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