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  • 24 February 2019
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Hi I am no means a pro photographer but have just been experimenting with the Huawei P20 pro camera. I've taken a number of photographs now some of which I'm very proud of, family and friends have all said they are very good and maybe I should take it further?

I try and take photos of a range of things, objects liquids animals and nature, I look for different angles instead of the norm, once I've found something to snap I set about taking a few photos of the view so I can choose my favourites when home. Then with the use of the amazing settings on the camera I try and create my own unique photograph adding an edge or more depth to it if possible, I know then this is my photograph that I have taken and made it my own.

I like to adjust the photographs to my liking adding colour contrast and brightness, or some into black and white and then again change the shades and shadows to enhance the photographs, I think my photos are slowly getting better now the more I'm using the settings and finding out different modes, the Joby tripod also helps in super macro mode by keeping the camera still to get that crystal clear shot we all want!

I enjoy posting my photos on here and getting ideas from others, so enjoy your phone and camera and keep posting on here!

Thanx Russ

3 replies

I really like this. I hope to test this feature on my P10!
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Thanks for sharing this! And thank you for sharing all your beautiful pictures on the community! 🙂
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Been taking a few pics now using the Joby tripod and experimenting with colours and settings.