Sunset Photos. Share here...

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Share your beautiful sunset photos here. I will get the ball rolling. This was taken when I had my Mate 9. Have a Mate 10 now.

Photo taken in Greenwich, London.

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Another one taken in Greenwich, London with my Mate 9.

Yesterday's sunset just outside Glasgow... Was stunning

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@Tboy2000 Great pics with the Mate 9

I have got so many sunset pics lol. The below pics were both captured on the coast of my home town New Brighton, Wirral 👍🏻

This pic shows the expansion and installation of more wind turbines off the Wirral coastline.
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East coast on The Wash. Taken with Mate 10 Pro
Slovenia Lake Bled

This is at Burry Port harbour near Llanelli
Always a beautiful 🌇 sunset here

Westgate on sea kent. UK. P20 pro

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All taken with Mate10Pro No filter

This was sunrise on a foggy day with my p20p
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Winters Sun

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Sunrises From Nightshift


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