Huawei map service prompt

I use the Huawei calender as I prefer it to the Google calendar app, however every time I open the calendar I am asked if I want the Huawei map service,

if I agree to install it tells me the feature is not available in my region.

It's becoming annoying now as it interrupts access to the calendar. Images attached.

Does anyone have any suggestions, I have been through my calendar settings and cannot find anything relevant. Otherwise I shall have to switch to the Google calendar app.

Many thanks

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Hi @Aspect_Carl,

Happy to hear that you are using one of our devices.

If you can please PM me with the details of the device, I will be able to assist you further.
I would need the IMEI and current Build Number, both can be found in Settings > System > About device.

Please make sure you are sending those to me in private, thank you!

Hi Max,

Will you be able to assist me as well? I am experiencing the same issue.

Please assist us this issue is driving me nuts
I have the same problem on a Mate20Pro since 12 Nov 2018. Communicated with Huawei support. After many Q&A they asked me to wipe phone and send it. This is absolutely unacceptable. WHEN can we have a fix? URGENT!
When I try and open the calendar on my Mate 20 Pro I get a message saying I need to install the Huawei Map Service. When I try to install it says it is not available for my region. I cannot access the diary function unless I use a separate google diary app. Happy to do that if it replaces on the main screen the Huawei diary but it does not./ An urgent solution please.

John L
Hi, Mate
I found a way to fix it. My phone is Mate20Pro. Just reset your phone to factory mode Setting - System - Reset -Reset phone. Before you do it, pls MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP YOUR DATA!!! I used HiSuite to Backup all data.
I've wasted a lot of time providing info to Huawei "support" and "contact ceo" but they seem to have no clue or interest in resolving this "map servicr components" issue. Don't think I'll be purchasing Huawei for company or family as planned.
To be honest,the hauwei mate 20 pro is excellent mobile. This minor issue is too small and can afford. I admit the support should have a solution to install the map service component if it was deleted accidentally. A a technical fan, I don't want use alternative calendar rather fix it
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Hi all,

I am sorry to hear about the issue that you are facing. Please PM me the serial numbers of your phones so I can look into this further.

You will be able to find this data in Settings > About phone > Status or on the box of the device.

Looking forward to your replies!

Best wishes,
We need solution or workaround , you need the serial number. Hehe
Same issue, please help. I will send you my serial numbers in a PM.

Please send us the installation files for the app Huawei Map Service, so we can fix this ourselves.

I cannot do it because not available in the AppGallery in my country (Netherlands)

Phone was expensive and is supposed to be your very best, that's why lot of people are frustrated!

Please hurry up!


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