Mate 10 wifi+ is not working after update to EMUI 9.0

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Hello. After latest update wifi+ does not do anything to turn off or on wifi when I'm in range of known network.
i have dont the network reset setting but still the same problem!!
Before update with wifi+ it will auto detect but now i need to turn the wifi on all the time just to get detected

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Have you rebooted the phone since you updated?
yes... i had rebooted for few time but still the same !!
Try a factory data reset.
what the... just use the phone less than a year then update the EMUI to 9.0 then wifi+ not working
then like this have to make a factory data reset??? this doesnt make sense at all
yehhc wrote:

what the... just use the phone less than a year then update the EMUI to 9.0 then wifi+ not working
then like this have to make a factory data reset??? this doesnt make sense at all

Sometimes the installation of the upgrade is not 100% correct.So a factory data reset is the next step..Has happened to me before on a Google phone.FDR fixed it
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Hey @yehhc,

Sorry to see that you are having these issue. As Junior1985 mentioned, it's possible that a simple reset fixes issues like these. You can read more about this in this topic.

Please let us know if this fixed the issue!
@Amy the problem is i dont want to reset the phone because some data will be lost even i had it for backup
is very troublesome for phone reset need to reinstall the thing i needed!!
Same problem here after upgrading to Emui 9 on a P20Pro. Is there a solution for this one yet? I tried factory reset twice but nothing
Mate 10 Pro, same problem. WiFi+ not working at all. Manually disabling WiFi turns it off completely, doesn't re-enable. When leaving it on doesn't disable when leaving known area.
now seem like some user also facing the same problem as me.... so mean there some problem with software update to mate 10 series and P 20 series??
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Hi all,

The first step in this situation would be a Factory reset. To do a factory reset, you simply have to go into Settings- on top there is a search bar - just search for the word "Reset". Among the search results presented there will be Factory Reset. It will ask for a confirmation and then proceed to delete all internal memory from the device restoring it to a factory condition.
If the issue still persist afterwards please PM me with the Build Number and Serial Number alongside #wifi+ so that we may investigate this matter further.

Best wishes,
Same problem here since the last 3 weeks with my P10 lite.
Wifi will not turn off or on by itself.

Is there a way to reset the wifi+ learning data, to start the learning Intervall again?
Factory reset is no way for me. In our current "high tech" time - you will allways here "please do a reset". If I do so all the time with all my devices I own (smart home etc) I will spend every second weekend with doing new setups. And in most cases the reset will not help - that is what I have learned.

Maybe the process
has to do with it?
Agreed. A phone especially is much to important in day to day life right now that I would reset it to factory just in the slim hope it might fix a little problem. This is apparently an emui 9 issue over more devices so the developers should have no issue in reproducing it.
I have the same problem from two days ago with EMUI 9.0 update. Please Huawei we really need an update to fix this problem. Reset to factory settings is not the solution for customers!! 😡.
seem like the issue still not been solve.... still facing the same problem !!!
I own a Mate 10 Pro (single sim) and after upgrade to EMUI 9 ( Wifi+ doesn't work (enable/disable known WLANs) anymore. I did a full factory reset and tried to train the AI algorithm but unfortunately Wifi+ still fails.

  1. Is a downgrade to EMUI 8 possible (if yes how)?
  2. Does Wifi+ require permisssion to search for WLANs (option that apps and services are permitted to search for WLANs even if WLAN is deactivated)? I think not, at least not for EMUI 8.


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