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I'm so frustrated by the wishy-washy noncommittal replies I find all over the internet and this community to the simple, straightforward question, "When are UK owners of the Flagship P20 Pro going to actually receive the update for Android Pie EMUI 9?" This was promised 3 months ago in early November 2018, it now being past mid January 2019 so is this how I can expect to be treated in the future by Huawei as one of it's Flagship customers? Interesting, this experience will certainly affect my future decisions regarding purchasing a future Flagship device. Please provide a simple, straightforward, indeed HONEST answer to us your loyal customers, thankyou.

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So I asked a guy I work with he just recently left his position in a phone store and he said the firmware gets passed down to your phone carrier (EE,VODAFONE whoever your carrier is) they tweak the firmware so it is suitable for the carrier's network service, once they have finished tweaking the firmware they will release it, I'm on EE and no doubt I will have to wait another year for an update to be released lol hopefully your carrier is quick and they release it soon good luck and I hope this helps with your enquiry
Thankyou Paulmc96 for your insight mate ✌️
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I closed this topic because there are already several threads about software issues. The biggest thread is this thread. Please check the search bar before you start a new topic.

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