Android auto (and other handsfree diallers) on dual sim handsets

  • 29 November 2018
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Hi All,

I've recently purchased a p20 pro handset with the dual sim option. I've had a quick search on the web about the query I have but there doesn't seem to be any information in regards to this specifically.


I was wondering if anyone could advise if there is an option to set a 'default' SIM on a per contact/group level? or if there is a third party application which would allow me to do this. I've noticed that some applications don't seem to be programmed to deal with a dual sim handset (such as android auto)

Troubleshooting steps undertaken

I've had a look online and after some investigation I've noted that in the specific case of Android Auto the Android Auto/Google speech recognition software isn't programmed to detect dual SIM cards.

From what I have been able to figure out Huawei EMUI has a 'graceful failover' programmed in which prevents a crash in these applications by routing the call through either the 'default sim' (if set) or if the phone is set to 'Always prompt for sim selection' the phone will select SIM 1. I've tested this in a few applications including android auto and google assistant and this theory seems to hold true.

As I want to be able to call different contacts from a specific SIM card using the google voice command while on the go, I have had a look into the contact groups setting and specific contacts but either I'm missing something (quite likely as I haven't had a dual sim handset before) or there isn't an option to set a SIM at this level of granularity.

Any help that could be offered would be appreciated.

2 replies

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I've got a feeling that this is case of people trying to use the phone in ways they didn't anticipate. My guess is they expect you to use one SIM or the other and not both simultaneously. Don't have a dual SIM myself but can totally see that this would be a useful feature to have in your scenario. Some way of selecting which SIM to use by voice beforehand would also work but I'm afraid I don't know any way to do that either 🤷‍♂️
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Hi Sepharin,

The P20 Pro is a dual-sim hybrid system, as such one sim is set to be used for calls and the second for data.
For the specifics of your query if you can PM me with the Android Auto software version you are running and the details of the phone i will do my best to assist you in this situation.

Best wishes,