Bad car connectivity

Hi guys just jumping on the bandwagon in the small hope it will help Huawei think long and hard about there lack of input regarding car audio connectivity.
Surely in this modern day and age they should realize we want to use our handsets in the car so why oh why do there amazing flagship models support any of the available in car connectivity programs mirror link, android auto, or app radio?
This one major flaw is forcing me to look elsewhere for my next handset, but I don't want to as I'm over the moon with my p20 pro in most other areas.
The word pro does conjour up thoughts of the best so maybe replace it with amature?? Mate 20 amature or p20 amature don't quite sound as good though do they.
Come on Huawei sort this out now get up to speed like Samsung?

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You should be concentrating on the road more than what your phone can do, hook it up to Bluetooth set your preference before you head off and enjoy, very simple 😉
I drive for a living I need maps traffic info ect on a larger screen, which is why mirror link ect have been developed, larger screen larger widgets are far easier to see and use, wether you like it or not people generally want or need complete connectivity at all times.😜
Beyond me , too smart real life out there
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Hi all,

I closed this topic because there already are several topics about this. 🙂

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