Bluetooth question in car

  • 14 April 2019
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I just came from oneplus and they allow you to be connected to Bluetooth in the car so your calls are coming through and so on but I can select videos to play through the phone speaker and not the car speakers. I use that feature a lot because my daughtee would watch videos on my phone and hear it through the speakers and I can still have Bluetooth connected to my car and watch. Can you do this!

5 replies

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Hey @Envious86, greetings!

We're happy to hear that you're using our product!

This function might depend on your device. Could you let us know what phone you're using?

Usually you'd have this option in the Bluetooth settings. All you need to do is look for the device you're connected to (in your case the car BT) tap on the ℹ to the right of the device's name. Here you can select phone audio only, this way media would play through speakers, but calls come through the bluetooth device.

Please let us know if this helped!
I'm using a p30 Pro. On my last phone I could leave everything connected including media on my phone. On the one plus all I had to do is select the button and select the option on the video and you could choose outputs. Is this possible?
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Hey @Envious86, welcome back!

You can select the output in the call menu. If you tap on the speaker icon, while you're connected to a Bluetooth device you can choose whether you want the earpiece, the speaker or the Bluetooth device to play the audio from the call.

I hope this answered your question!

Hi Max,

Unfortunately it's the other way around I'm looking to do. I want the sound from the calls coming through my Bluetooth and sound from YouTube coming from phone speaker without having to turn of media in the Bluetooth settings. It's can be done on the oneplus devices and Samsung devices with a push of a button. It's more for convenience but it's something that I miss and used daily.
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Hi @Envious86,

Thanks for letting us know about this!

We're here to collect feedback like this, so newer functions requested by users can be added in future patches and updates.

If you have any more observations, please let us know!