Calendar chaos - deleted 250 meetings in 6 minutes.

  • 28 July 2019
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  • Fresh Fortune Cookie
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I upgraded my phone to Huawei P30 and since I migrated all the calendars (including company ones) all seemed to work fine but then 5-6 hours into using my new phone, something triggered the mass deletion of the meeting invites from my personal business calendar and for the general company calendar, making the organisation-wide incident since I have edit rights there. Horrible experience and I have no clue what caused it. I suspect the Huawei Calendar app as the native Google Calendar app worked for last 5 years without a problem!

Can anyone advise how to avoid this from repeating. For precaution I got my calendar rights stripped off to read-only by out administrator and I went to the Huawei Calendar app and turned off the company calendar so it only shows my private one. But since it is the main suspect for causing all the chaos, I'd really prefer just to delete it from my phone - please advise how can it be done?

EDIT: The problem with removing the company calendars from the Huawei Calendar, it removes them also from the Google Calendar! So I can't really use the Google Calendar without the Huawei Calendar, unless there's a way to get rid of the Huawei Calendar.

Thank you in advance!

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