Calendar duplicating entries and not able to delete them

  • 14 February 2019
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On my Huawei p20 mate pro I use the calendar linked to my email account. All has worked perfectly
But yesterday strangely I changed the time for 2 meetings and instead of changing the time the entries were duplicated and I can't delete the duplicate entries. See photo. The original entries are repeated entries
Any ideas?


Best answer by CharlieT 24 July 2019, 17:58

Hi all,

I apologize for the delay in coming back to you.
Regarding your issue with the phone, I would recommend you to wipe cache for the app, remove the google account and re-add it into the calendar app further and make sure you have the app updated to the latest version.
If the issue remains, please contact the support directly, via chat, email or hotline at 08000886700, from 9-21.00, each working days for a proper review.
Hope it helps.

Charlie T.😉
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Hi @Carol,

Happy to hear that you are using one of our devices and thank you for providing us with a screenshot so we can understand the situation better!

Have you tired to remove the events manually from the e-mail account directly and not from the phone to see if the duplicates would disappear?

Let us know!

Best wishes,
This is still happening and is getting worse - it randamly works for a while and then stops working - I am on wifi so no internet problems - today I amended an entry title and it just created a new entry and now I can't delete either of them on my phone
I've also aded a birthday which eventually appeared 5 hours later on my phone, the entries are all corect in my gmail calendar.

I have attached. photos - one of my gmail calendar and the other from my phone calendar

PLEASE PLEASE get a fix as we all need a calendar that works!

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Hey @Carol, welcome back!

Thank you for updating this thread with the screenshots!

Have you tried clearing the cache from the calendar app? To do that please open Settings > Apps¬ifications > Apps > Calendar > Storage, then tap on clear cache. Restart your phone and check if the issue still persists.

I hope this will help!
Have cleared the cache but no the data and restarted phone but its still doesn't work

If I add single event on my phone it works
But if I amend a recurring event it duplicates and I can't delete either

If I add a birthday to the contact on my phone it doesn't appear in the calendar on my phone and it doesn't appear on the phone or in th gmail calendar on my computer or other devices.

If I add anything (event, birthday) to my iphone it all appaers on my huawei phone
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Hi @Carol! I think i had once a similar problem, with birthdays liked with contacts.

Have you tried with the google calendar app?
Check if you are creating the event in the correct email account.
Also, check which calendars are being shown/synced with the app.

That's problaby some sync issue and not an app related issue. I use G Calendar to manage events but they are also synced with Huawei Calendar and i do not have the problems you stated.

Hope this tips help you to figure something out!
Hi thanks
I'll try that I just presumed the huawei calender synced to my Gmail account would work
Mostly it does but it's random so not really very useful
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I tried to replicate what you stated, but it's a negative. Created event in huawei calendar app, Gmail account. Saved. Edited the same event and changed the time. Saved. Everything synced right away, both H calendar and G calendar.
Can you try amending a recurring event please
I've attached Google calendar and huawei calender showing the same problem
I amended a recurring event but only the entry on the Monday

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What do you mean by recurring? A repeating event?
A event that repeats every week
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Try this: press the top left bars or slide right and disable/hide the calendars one by one and check if both entries are in the same calendar or if in different ones.

Both in the same Gmail calendar same color same email. Ifi swith that account off they both disappear

Both show as repeated event even though I just changed the title of the one event

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I think I may have figured out, after googling a bit.
You said before that you also have that Google account liked to an iPhone. So, disable the google account calendar synchronization on your iPhone.

That's probably the cause of the duplicated entries.

Test it out and post back. 🙂
Sorry Do you mean in Icloud,?
Or in Calendar >Sync change it from All Events?
How do I turn it off on my iPhone but mai tain my calendar? Or evento rest what you say?

In fact Ihave 2 phones because I travel and have 2 lives so I use my iPhone for my UK events and my Huawei for Spain with diff Gmail accounts

Originally I thought it was the 2 accounts so copied everything to one
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Is Google account calendar also synchronized with icloud/iPhone?
I use the default calendar on my iPhone with my main Gmail account then on Icloud it links to my other Gmail account so i can see both plus to birthdays with little present icon 📦 all on my iPhone

On my Huawei I used the default calendar app but changed to the Google calendar as suggested. The calender has my 2 email accounts linked to it all displaying the events ok

All is OK with single events, adding and deleting etc except when I seem to have had repeated events and I make a change on my Huawei. The one above in question at the beginning of today suddenly now allowed me to amend it and delete the other one so I went back to 16th Jan to do the same but same old problem so if I amend the title it creates a duplicate that can't be deleted but this entry has disappeared entirely from my iPhone showing its syncing but not back to the huawei

I think there is a bug with repeated events wen I amend only one in the series at a later date to when the event was created

My settings on my Huawei Google calendar

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Ok, it's two different accounts, which you also use on iPhone. The duplicate problem might be caused by the iPhone.

Simply try to go to iphone settings, accounts and disable the calendar sync on the email you are experiencing the issues.
When I do that I lose all of my events on my iPhone which never had the problem in the first place and nothing changes as expected on my Huawei

As I said the event is already removed from my iPhone as shown previously, the problem is on my Huawei

Atm it's only 1 event on jan 16 on my Huawei
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It's weird then. I can't test further as I don't have an iPhone.
I still think it's related to you Gmail account bering liked with both the iPhone and the Huawei.

Have you tried doing the other way? Create the recurring event on the iPhone and then ammend it. Check the result on both devices calendar.
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Hi @Carol,

Happy to hear that you are using one of our devices!

In regards to your inquiry, have you tried to edit the events from your gmail calendar directly? Could you try to edit this and see if it syncs up with your Huawei device?

Additionally, have you tried the tips @n0iz3d offered? If so, could you please let us know of the outcome?

Best regards,
I'm also having the same issue, would love to see a resolution for this.

Basically it's a reoccurring calendar event and as soon as it has been edited, the original and newly edited item show up.

I've also tried clearing the cache and files as well as redoing the accounts.

Yes I've tried all of the above but it is still the same
No link to any other phone
Displays correctly on Google calendar on my computer
The only way round it I've found is to delete all the events in the recurring event each time I need to chane one event, create 1 new event with the change I need, and then add the recurring events back in omitting that day/week
Not ideal
I used to use a oneplus 2 and had no issues with this in both the stock calendar app or Google calendar. And yes, everything looks fine on my computer desktop when I log into gmail/calendar.

But the edited item and the original always show up.

I'm certain it's a bug, but I've had a hard time finding anyone else who's had this issue and surprisingly there isn't much out there in terms of resolution...
I had the same issue - duplicating of recurring events when I edited them in my calendar app (Business Calendar 2). I think I've solved the issue by:
  1. Clearing data and then revoking all access to the Huawei stock Calendar app
  2. Making sure all the necessary apps and Google Services were being managed manually in battery savings (
  3. Removing all my Google accounts from my phone (make sure you're backed up first!)
  4. Clearing all data on the other calendar apps (just for good measure)
  5. Restarting the phone (also maybe a overkill, but some forums I read recommended it)
  6. Adding back the accounts and allowing them to sync
I just added a test recurring event, saw that it sync'd correctly to Google Calendar on my pc, and then changed the event on my phone. It correctly updated - woohooo! Holding thumbs it will stay fixed - I just wasted about 4 hours on this (thanks Huawei for creating software that is basically not fit for purpose, and apparently has maaany people frustrated due to these sync'ing issues! 😒)