Can't hear people when on the phone

  • 21 March 2019
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Had a huawei mate 20 lite since January of this year and it hasn't been a problem before, but since a few days ago people can hear me when on the phone but I cannot hear them unless on speaker phone or through headphones. Tried resetting phone & settings but still can't hear people or sometimes it'll just be very faint and inaudible, volume is all the way up. Can't find answers anywhere that help & I'm a student on minimum wage so can't really afford to get a new phone. Just can't think of what else it could be, thank you in advance

7 replies

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Hi ella,

Welcome on the community and sorry for the late reply!

Have you also tried a full factory reset? You can find a how to in this thread. If this doesn't help, could you kindly perform a Sound diagnose of your device and share the results that come up?

You can do this by going to HiCare > Smart diagnosis > Manual > Speaker and Earpiece.

After the diagnosis is done, you will see the results posted on your device screen.

Please keep us updated!
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May sound silly but you do have the calls volume up in the settings, as the volume button turns different things up depending on what your doing.

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Hi i have heard about this issues before on many phones, i believe the mic is being used by other apps on the phone.
The most common one is google, please try the following:

I went into the Settings > Application manager> tap the three small dots at top right of screen> configure apps> App permissions> Microphone. Disable any app that you do not want to have microphone permissions. You can disable all that are active to see it it works then slowly add the ones you want to have active. It will warn you that it will cause the app to not function but it can be re-enabled it you need too.

Hope it helps
I'm also having this problem; it started about an hour ago and I can't seem to find a solution. I used the earpiece test and restarted, but it still doesn't work.

Was Ella's problem ever resolved?
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@gb4truelove Did you try the advice by Crawshaw09 and Rockinross above?

good day @Danjl , yes I did.  The issue is with the earpiece and not the microphone.  All other functions are working perfectly.  Private conversations are now possible only via a headset.


Its quite frustrating

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Hi @gb4truelove , maybe it is best to contact Support directly?