Change pop-up notifications on Mate 20 Pro

  • 11 May 2019
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I've had my Mate 20 Pro since October.

Great phone, emui isn't the most user friendly but... By far the most annoying thing is the notifications!!

For example, when using Google maps a message notification will consume the screen and will not remove itself. Forcing me to press it myself!
Whereas on ios it will display a banner from the top that drops down (only a fraction) and goes back up.

Second to the intrusiveness of notifications they are damn ugly!! Messages are really horrible looking. An ugly square that requires me to swipe left or right to view just a small portion of them... Can they not be made to be shown individually, showing all content or grouped separately somehow.

Is there anyway to change from popup notifications to drop down banners that dissappear after a few seconds?

And is there a way to change the uglyness of it all? Ios was very nice to look at and use.

1 reply

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Its your chose, you know what you buy, don't you?
  1. No, you cant change look.
  2. you can clear it, by unlocking phone or disable nortifications for specific apps (just go to Settings>notrifications and disable it.