Closing background apps in all EMUI versions from 5.0 to 9.0

  • 17 January 2019
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Okay so, I have had this issue since getting a Huawei P9 on EMUI 5 and through every version of EMUI since this problem has remained.
This is the case now after upgrading to EMUI 9 today on a P20(after coming pre-installed with EMUI 😎 and confirmed with the same problems on the Mate 20 pro also on EMUI 9.
Support has been the usual helpful self, with generic copy/paste, didn’t work so we’ll forward information on to relevant people and that’s that. But that doesn’t help me and other people in the now does it?
See below for the copy/paste from support:

Regarding this issue, we kindly recommend checking the following settings:
- Phone manager app > Mobile data > Data saver: Off
- Phone manager app > Mobile data > Networked apps > Click on the arrow right to Networked app and select Advanced network settings > Activate all Background data
- Phone manager app > Battery > Settings (top right corner) > Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep: Always and activate Keep mobile data on during sleep
- Phone manager app > Battery >Launch > Manage manually all
- Recent apps (Square on the bottom) > App > Activate padlock

I think it goes without saying, but I will just to be clear. I have tried ALL of the above with no fix to this issue.
So the problem at hand is the closing of certain apps in the background. From my investigations of trawling the internet for information on a possible fix of this, it seems to be mostly sound based apps, such as youtube, mx player and other media players, but maybe not limited to such. As I’m seeing people with gps based apps and other types of apps having the same issue, although I cannot confirm if these issues are related, I suspect they are.
There are many such posts on the android forums and the xda-dev forums pertaining to the problems that people have been having, stretching over a number of years. Including a guide to fixing the above. Not that it has for me and other people, but it did fix some peoples issues.
What I did notice is that certain media apps like googles music and other built in apps don’t seem to have this problem, so I wonder what it is that these apps have that prevent the problem being caused that could potentially fix our problem.
Now, I like Huawei. It’s why I have bought 2 phones for myself and a 3rd for my wife over the last few years, as well as suggested to many people in my family to get one too, which they have. They are leading the way for good mobile devices as well as telecommunications as a whole which is great. But what I cannot stand is when these large companies don’t review the software within their devices, rendering some or most of said device useless or seriously lacking. A few large companies I have personally boycotted over the years because of this exact reason are TomTom and FitBit who both knowingly have the same software bugs on almost all devices for years and years and have no intention on fixing.
So I guess today I’m hoping for a quick fix on this borderline ‘game breaking’ problem. And maybe… just maybe some one in the Huawei team will pick up on this post and forward the message on to the correct team so we can finally fix this LONG TERM bug.

9 replies

Anyone? :(
Really hoping for a permanent fix for this...
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Hello @Thorski,

Thank you for bringing this up to us! If you have tried those steps and still facing the same issues, can you please PM me the serial number of the device so I can look into this further?

You will be able to find the serial number on Settings > About phone > Status or on the box of the device.

Looking forward to your reply!

Best wishes,
Still desperate for a fix on this issue - Max has not had an answer for this as of yet.

And to be clear, it's not the official YouTube app. I was using OGYouTube.

And to make matters worse, as of yesterday I cannot use OGYouTube in the background at all anymore, the second I try to focus to another app or turn the screen off it stops playing.
I installed YouTube Vanced this morning and exactly the same thing is happening with that too.

And to be very clear, I have had YouTube Vanced working flawlessly in the background on my wife's Mate 20 Pro this evening, OGYouTube had the first above issue with all Huawei phones that I have in the household (P9, P20, Mate 20 Pro) that any random interval from a few seconds to several minutes it would eventually shut off.if playing in the background, not like every other non-Huawei phone that i've tried with it, which all work flawlessly.
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Hi I might be a bit dense here, but I can see you have a problem closing apps, but could you give a bit more detail? Are you unable to swipe the apps away or do they never close?


No, I don't have an issue closing apps.
I have an issue with an app closing when it shouldn't be, after changing all the options available that would cause it to.
Hello, i have the same problem as well, the phone keeps closing my calendar app, despite switching off all battery optimizations tools for the specific app
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As you've not had a response yet we'd suggest you reach out to our official support channels here
The problem is that Huawei is doing some INSANE battery optimization. This is fine as long as they are giving users the choice NOT to use it. I don't need 2 days of battery life if it means my phone is not functioning. One day will easily do. Heck, I know what I'm doing. Sometimes it should do things in the background, and if that means half a day, I am absolutely fine with that. Because I chose to. This is something Huawei needs to understand, but they are not listening to users.

The situation is so bad that I would consider the device defective.

I have received my phone as a review sample, and fortunately for Huawei I'm only supposed to write about the camera. Otherwise the review would be pretty bad, because honestly I can't recommend the device to power users, and for average Joes, are they really supposed to buy flagship phones?
I have the same problem since I purchased my P smart 2019 (EMUI 9) in February.
Useless to say that I have tried the aforementioned tricks and gimmicks with no luck.
At this point, I consider this phone defective this issue just makes this phone unusable (for instance, critical information that you need to pass from one app to another ans when you switch between the apps, apps restart and any information you had goes away!)
Any luck with the resolution? Is that a particular issue withe this model? or is it EMUI 9 or a combination of both?