Concerned about Huawei apps spying

  • 11 May 2019
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I would like to remove all huawei apps, my phone is free from any carrier apps as I bought it outright. I am very concerned about the apps huawei add and I don't seem to be able to remove. I am sure most people don't realise that the SwiftKey keyboard for example records every single keystroke, for a company trying to remove the stigma that they are working for the commie government this seems unbelievable! Apart from that the phone is very good for the price, I bought it as a backup to my Samsung which I have never worried about spying on me.

3 replies

If you have a different keyboard installed you can turn off the SwiftKey board and make the other the default.

There will be some Huawei apps on a Huawei device that are central to it's function.

I had a Samsung phone for years. This is what Samsung say in their Privacy Policy:

Information We Collect
We collect various types of information in connection with the Services, including:
  • Information you provide directly to us;
  • Information we collect about your use of our Services; and
  • Information we obtain from third-party sources.
A phone manufacturer, including Samsung, will engage in data collection of some description even if it isn't obvious. If you live in a European Union country companies will be bound by GDPR.
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A lot of apps, devices etc. are collecting data for statistics and to improve their services. Maybe some also use it to customize adds. My opinion on data safety: I have nothing to hide. I don't build bombs. I'm not afraid to use devices that use data for feedback and statistics.
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I recommend you download the app noroot firewall this will block outgoing connections.

You will be increasingly alarmed at each app communicating, these are majority none Huawei apps and tend to be google/android for functionality to continue on any smartphone.

Most apps will ping a server not to communicate data but to establish a connection for potential updates and not for your lewd nudes.

If you want better privacy you shouldn't use a smartphone and use a throwaway mobile phone but this can still be cellphone tower tracked.

The only method for true privacy is to not use a phone.

It's all a compromise from functionality to privacy.

I personally have my pictures synced with Google photos ( off to USA controlled servers they go)